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Pregnancy photos

Before your start ...


My clients often ask me for photos of their pregnancy as if to “pause” this intense moment they are experiencing.

To forever freeze this bond that is being created.

Your baby will soon be here and this session is a stop in time to treat yourself to a moment of sweetness. Refocus on the essentials of your life.

Memories that will warm your heart when baby is all grown up and everything is over...


The pregnancy session is generally carried out around the 7th month of pregnancy.

The mother is often still in good shape, not too tired, the belly is sufficiently highlighted, it is the ideal time.

However, depending on the woman, the stomach comes out a little earlier or a little later.

There are no rules for these things.

The ideal time will be the one you agree on!

A moment when you feel in good shape, where standing is not disturbing, or you like your belly (some women absolutely want the biggest belly possible for the session, others just want the beginnings of rounding.

Free to each, I adapt!)

In any case, the session is designed to have a good time and leave with lots of memories of this pregnancy.

Photographe grossesse nantes

Treat yourself to a pregnancy gift that you will keep for life!

175 euros

Or get it offered to you... by a kind, caring spouse or a devoted mother :)
Ideal gift idea for baby shower, birth gift!

For who ?

(1h30 session)

For future mothers of their 1st, 2nd, 3rd... 10th baby!

For women who want to photograph this memory of a warm baby in her belly

Those who want baby to have a memory of when he was in the womb (kids love looking at these photos!)

For all those pregnant women who feel magnificent while pregnant, but also for those for whom change is difficult.

For you ladies, a moment just for you.

(dad and siblings are obviously accepted!)

what is included:

  • Discussions (telephone or in person) to discuss your desires and expectations for this session.

  • 20 photos minimum, retouched with care while keeping the naturalness of your photos.

  • Photos delivered in 15 days maximum by web gallery.

  • Possibility of creating a photo album or small souvenir accordion book (additional charge)

The course

Whether you want a session outdoors or at home, I adapt to your wishes.

We discuss in advance the ideal location for you or the studio background you want (several colors).

I provide studio background and all necessary equipment.

Pressure-free photos that reflect you.

Have you never done a shoot?

Do you find yourself unphotogenic?

That's what I'm here for, to enhance you is my job, to reassure you, to guide you, and to ensure that this moment will be a great time to share with your future baby already present!

Spouses are obviously welcome to participate.


Pregnancy photography is tricky, you have to know how to put the mother who has probably never done a photo shoot at ease and know how to highlight her belly.

In addition to the worry of posing in front of a stranger, for some women there is a complex of seeing their body change throughout their pregnancy and it is up to us, the photographer, to reassure them and enhance this body which will to give life.

Pregnancy is not experienced in the same way for all mothers, so I adapt to mothers who might be self-conscious about this change as well as to mothers who are delighted to see their shapes grow.

The key is to respect the desire and privacy of my clients.

Whether this is your first photo session or not, you will be satisfied to live this experience with me because I attach great importance to the well-being of my subjects during the session.

Et si on échangeait ...

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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