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Wedding photographer fine art

Memories of a lifetime...

Who is the photographer behind the lens?

Yohann, based near Nantes, travels all over the world to enhance and capture your lifelong memories.
Rich in experience and continuing to train to become ever better, it is in the areas of marriage and motherhood that Yohann excels. But any other project is welcome.

Calm, sensitive and discreet, Yohann uses his experience in Wedding and Pregnancy photography to give you an incredible experience. Beautiful photos, but not only that...!

He likes to wander among your guests and capture stolen smiles, the emotions of the moment or even the tenderness and joy of this very special pregnancy.

He likes elegance, refined and bright photos, soft and harmonious colors.

For him, photos are an art to pass on to his clients.
Enhance without distorting the scene.
Sincerely transcribe the moments experienced to relive the moment.

Without forgetting his infectious smile, his kindness and his joie de vivre which will put you at ease from the first moment!

How to choose your photographer? Look at his images, listen to his experience and let yourself be carried away by the mutual feeling.

Wedding & Pregnancy photos

“For me, a good photographer is one whose presence is never heavy.

Discretion, elegance, smiles and good manners are my best assets to blend in with your guests.”

Success is loving yourself, loving what you do, and loving how you do it."

--Maya Angelou

Photographer Pays de la loire
Wedding photographer france paris nantes

Maybe you will have things in common...

Some facts about your photographer?

He is 31 years old, married to his wife Sophie and father of an adorable Lila who fills him with happiness.


He loves learning new languages, English, French and Italian are already part of his repertoire.

He has started Russian but it seems that it is more difficult than expected... he would like to learn Chinese to be able to communicate more easily with his Franco-Asian couples.

He dreams of discovering New York and living in London.

He admits to having a penchant for shopping, loves animals (he lives with dogs and birds), and a fan of the series “The Crown” on Netflix.

However, he hates injustice, bad faith and slanderous people.

And finally... its logo bears the design of a branch of Lilac, in relation to his daughter "Lila" who gives him the strength and the desire to live with passion!

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